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Creating technology that helps the world act together

Our solutions enable service providers, industries and the public sector to create the critical networks that bring together the world's people, machines and devices.

For service providers

Protect your customers against network-level threats with a self-defending IP network infrastructure


Cloud architectures, 5G

Emerging cloud architectures, 5G, and Industry 4.0 are opening the door to a new generation of network-level security threats and attacks on IP network infrastructure. Current solutions lack the scale and functionality to address the growing threat volume and complexity.

We secure IP networks from within

At IP Network Service, we embed security into every layer of our IP network infrastructure. We deliver the at-scale, fully-featured protection you need to guarantee the performance and integrity of your mission critical networks.

Why IP networks are vulnerable

IP networks are changing faster than ever. With these changes come new network-level security threats and a broader attack surface: 

  • Increasing numbers of IoT and Industry 4.0 devices are being connected to the IP network, and may be vulnerable to hijacking. Once hijacked, these devices have access to wide bandwidth to launch attacks. 
  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are using third-party transport to extend their reach. Control, user, and management plane data may be vulnerable to interception and manipulation as it passes across these networks. 
  • 5G is accelerating cloudification, which enables network functions and services to run anywhere. As network functions become more distributed, the attack surface increases.